BMB Rockets Motorcycle Club

Alabama's Premiere Sportbike Club

 Founder & President - Marsha aka "MsOnDaGo" 
 Vice President - Charlie aka "Sir Taylor" 

 Secretary - Ms Betty Boop  


Bus. Mgr. - Chantez aka "Taz'  


 Sgt. @ Arms -  Fred aka "Droop"  


 Road Captain - Freddie aka "Blade" 


  Leonard D. aka "Pop"  


 Angela aka Scarlett  


Honorary Member


Honorary member - Jalen aka "Roadie"   













 Jesse aka “Ike”

 John aka "Punisher"

Myrtle aka "HomeGirl" 





The Rockettes are the female supporters of the BMB Rockets MC




 Christina aka "MsChris"  


 Carla aka 'BabyGirl"  


 Dominique aka "Mrs. Droop"  


 Tykete aka "Ty"  



 Mary aka "Ms. Cut A Rug" 


 Juanita aka "Nita"  


Founder & President  -  Marsha " DJ MsOnDaGo"


Founder & President since: October 12, 2003 

 My Rockets: Harley Davison  Road Glide

Past motorcycles: Can-Am Spyder 990, Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 Limited Edition , 

Honda Shadow Sabre 1100, Yamaha YZF 600R , and Honda Shadow 600

Motorized gas bicycle 80 cc

Been riding since age sixteen. 

Occupation: Faulkner State - Audiovisual Technician & DJ / Karaoke Host

My site

Zodiac: Leo

Hobbies: Singing, Traveling, Photography, Videography,

Computer Graphics  & riding  my "ALENA"

Motto:"It's not what you drive, it's what drives you?"

 "Just Ride, guys can't have all the fun!"

Personal e-mail:




My first bike was the Honda Shadow 600 then the Yamaha YZF 600R

2006 Limited Ed. Suzuki Hayabusa 1300R "Akoya"


2002 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100cc "Caldonia"


I sold all of them for my Harley 

Vice President - Charlie aka "Sir Taylor"


  Member since: 2014

My Rockets: Suzuki GXSR

Occupation: Seaman

Hobbies: Riding my motorcycle & shooting pool

 My Motto: "Respect each other"



Secretary: Shan aka Ms Betty Boop




       Member since: February 4, 2016 

In the BMB Crew since 2008  

 My Rocket: Canam Spyder 990 

 Occupation: Disabled mother of two  

  Hobbies: Riding motorcycles, Travel, Cooking 

  My Motto: "Treat people how you want to be treated" 





Bus. Mgr: Chantez aka "Taz"

  Member since: July 2016

 My Rocket: Kawasaki Ninja ZX12 

 Occupation: Truck driver 

Hobbies: Riding motorcycles, Grillin out, shooting pool, watching sports 

My Motto: "I'm chasing that paper!"  



Sgt @ Arms - Fred aka " Droop "


 Member since: 2015 

Supporter for 2 years prior 

 My Rocket: Suzuki GSXR 1000

 Occupation: Supervisor Gaming Tech. 

  Hobbies: Riding motorcycles & All sports

 Motto: "What you see is what you get. & Straight no chaser!"



Road Captain - Freddie aka Blade



  Member since: October 2016 

 My Rocket: 2016 HD Road Glide Special 

 Occupation: Oral Surgeon  

  Hobbies: Riding motorcycles, Travel, 

  My Motto: "Ride like the wind" 




Leonard aka "Pop"


Seattle, WA  Member since: 2014

 My Rocket: 2002 Harley Davison Road King

Occupation: Self employed

 Hobbies: Motorcycle riding &  drumming

 My Motto: "Success does not come without Struggle"


Angela  aka Scarlett




Supporter 2016  

 My Rocket: Harley Davidson 

 Occupation: Model, Actress  

  Hobbies: Writing poetry, Shooting pool, Motorcycles, Travel, 

  My Motto: " After all, tomorrow is another day! " 




Honorary Member - Jalen aka "Roadie"

Member: 2014 was a supporter for years

My Rocket: Genuine Buddy 125cc

Occupation: DJ MsOnDaGo Productions Assistant

Hobbies: Baseball & Football fan & Hanging with the BMB Crew!

My Motto: "Make it do what it do" 



Supporter  -  Jesse aka "Ike"

Member since: 2004

My Rocket: Suzuki GXSR 600R 

Occupation: YMS, Inc. & Ike's Lawn Service owner

Hobbies: Softball, Fishing, Riding motocycles

Motto: "Ride one way"


John aka Punisher is coming back soon from military leave!




  Member since:

 My Rocket: 

 Occupation: Retired Army  

  Hobbies: Riding motorcycles,  

  My Motto: "      "   





Prospect:   YOU..... call 251-802-9638



  Member since:

 My Rocket:


  Hobbies: Riding motorcycles,  

  My Motto: "      " 



Prospect: This could be you!


 Email the BMB CREW!


 Call 251-802-9638 for your application.