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30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

Posted by "Ms.BettyBoop" on April 23, 2014 at 3:40 PM

30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know


1. The illness I live with is: Fibromyalgia


2. I was diagnosed with it in the year: Fibro: 2004


3. But I had symptoms since: 2000


4. The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is: Stopping when my body tells me to.


5. Most people assume: I live with a "normal" amount of pain and that I should just deal with it


6. The hardest part about mornings are: Everything-- I hate mornings, my body is ridiculously stiff


7. My favorite medical TV show is: Dr. Oz


8. A gadget I couldn’t live without is: my iPhone 


9. The hardest part about nights are: Not being able to sleep, restless legs, and back pain.


10. Each day I take _meds. 16 meds


11. Regarding alternative treatments I: am open to them and welcome any suggestions


12. If I had to choose between an invisible illness or visible I would choose: Is neither an option?


13. Regarding working and career: I haven't work since Jan. 2012


14. People would be surprised to know: That I really struggle with the emotional and mental aspects of being in pain all the time


15. The hardest thing to accept about my new reality has been: Not able to spend as much time with my family 


16. Something I never thought I could do with my illness that I did was: To tolerate as much pain as I do!


17. The commercials about my illness: Makes me feel more depressed than I am.


18. Something I really miss doing since I was diagnosed is: Wearing my Heels and riding my motorcycle! 


19. It was really hard to have to give up: My normal life. Being Shan!!


20. A new hobby I have taken up since my diagnosis is: Reading more. 


21. If I could have one day of feeling normal again I would: Take my family to the Virgin Islands or Jamaica.


22. My illness has taught me: That I am not alone thru this Invisible Disease.  


23. Want to know a secret? I hate singing!! 


24. But I love it when people: Really wants to know about my illness. Instead of thinking I should only be in that much pain everyday or all day.


25. My favorite motto, scripture, quote that gets me through tough times is: I endure this much pain, because one day someone will find a Cure! 


26. When someone is diagnosed I’d like to tell them: You are not alone, we all will be Visible one day!


27. Something that has surprised me about living with an illness is: How much wiser I am from going through this. Now, I can help others.


28. The nicest thing someone did for me when I wasn’t feeling well was: Rubbed me and then said, I wish I had a Cure for you right now. 


29. I’m involved with FM Awareness: We need to become visible!


30. The fact that you read this list makes me feel: That you really care to know about Fibromyalgia.



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