"We ride as ONE" 

Why we want to make you aware?

Shan aka "Ms Betty Boop" Secretary

of the BMB Rockets MC has this dreaded illness.

 She use to be outgoing. Now she is constantly in pain.



Shan has Fibromyalgia, Chronic Migraines, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma and of course Depression. This video is a documentary of actual events and just a glimpse of what she is going through on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis. When she is out and about and you see her smiling, trust there is pain and silent tears. Just because someone has the appearance of being healthy that is not always true. FM is an invisible illness. There is no cure which makes matters worst. FM I tell you, is an epidemic on the rise. We have to make people aware and make finding a cure top priority!

After witnessing episodes of Shan's suffering with severe chronic migraines. One time hospitalized for six days in constant pain. No medications could stop it. All she could do was ride the FM monster rollercoaster until it decided to let her off. Released she came home only to return because she could not hold her head up. Her neck and shoulders were stiff as a rock. Last count she is on fourteen medications but can only afford five a month. She has been unemployed for two years. She filed for disability and was denied. She is appealing but it's a long process. Please lift her up in prayer. If you know of anyone with FM please sympathize and empathize. Get online and research this illness. It will blow your mind. Lend a helping hand to the Caregivers. They really have it hard because they have to see their loved ones battling and can't fight this illness. No armor.

It  has become our clubs mission to make people aware of Fibromyalgia. We are having a FM Awareness Motorcycle Ride & Benefit Walk for Shan on May 10, 2014. For more information

go to BMB Rockets MC & Rockettes SMC




Fibromyalgia Ride & Walk to Benefit Ms Betty Boop!

               PLEASE JOIN US!




  Fundraiser for Ms Betty Boop




9402 Bryants Landing Rd, Stockton, AL 36579


55260 County Road 21, Stockton, AL 36579

 Then back to Doug’s Place,+Stockton,+AL+36579/55260+County+Road+21,+Stockton,+AL+36579/@31.0354947,-87.8598039,16z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m17!4m16!1m5!1m1!1s0x889af2c9b7937a2f:0x2f3626e23a6d7d81!2m2!1d-87.861783!2d31.0372731!1m5!1m1!1s0x889af2cea5fb154b:0xbfb261917b84c328!2m2!1d-87.860217!2d31.032297!2m1!6e4!3e2!4e1?hl=en

On behalf of the BMB Crew & MsBettyBoop, Thank You one and all for your support and donations of our Benefit Ride & Fibromyalgia Awareness Walk yesterday. Having to reschedule it due to rain on May 10th and then rain on and off again yesterday dampened the event but not our spirits! Betty Boop is worn completely out today. Had one episode with her right arm stiffened up her. She has been resting all day with a smile on her face despite her pain.
We really appreciate the love! Special thanks to the Rockets & Rockettes, Chad and Warren Bolden, Xtrememotorsports Abrams, Pepsi-Cola Atmore, Daddy Rich NaptownRiders, Harrison Mims Jr., D.j. MsOndago.
Joe Ntwodeepmc N 2 Deep club delivered a check. Also the Forty-FiveBoyz MotorcycleClub delivered a check. Pensacola Vikings Queens & Viking will be mailing a check from their cold water challenge gor $100. Tyrone Bradley Bradley for donating a case of fish. Betty Boop fried it uo for us. Dr. Bernita Finley Mims for the FM pamplets. The motorcycle riders & walkers and the Ebony Pearls SC. Last but not least Jalen Stevens for working from sun up to sun down, setting up and breaking down. We didn't meet our financial goal. But I feel more donations will come. Those who couldn't make it but want to donate or purchase our Fibro Fighter support bracelets click here:  or call MSOnDaGo 251-802-9638. If I left anyone out THANK YOU. Please charge it to my head and not my heart.





 Fibromyalgia (FM or FMS)





Fibromyalgia (FM or FMS) is defined as:
A chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculo-skeletal pain, fatigue and tenderness in localized areas.

However, it is much more than just all-over-the-body all-the-time pain and hence it is considered as a syndrome. Fibromyalgia brings with it immense problems ranging from fibro fog (cognitive dysfunction, in simple terms problems with memory and concentration), stiffness, depression and anxiety to hypersensitivity to light, heat and sound, dryness in mouth, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, bowel and bladder abnormalities, reduced ability to exercise... to name a ‘few’!

If you have Fibromyalgia and find it tough to explain to people what exactly it is, this might help you - How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?

How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?
How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?
How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?
How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?

How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?
How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?
How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?
How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?
How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?
How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?
How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?
How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?

Fibromyalgia is classified as a Central Nervous System condition. Simply put, fibromyalgia patients have a supersensitive Central Nervous System. Researchers associate it with an imbalance in brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters that send information from the body to the brain become overexcited (central sensitization). Hence, a tap on the shoulder might feel like a blow to an FM patient.

People with Fibromyalgia experience pain in at least 11 of the 18 tender points shown in this image.



Invisible Illness
Fibromyalgia is often termed as Invisible Illness as patients do not generally look sick. What’s more traumatic than the condition itself is that fibromyalgia patients find it tough making those around them understand what they are going through. Lack of general awareness about the condition adds to the stress which actually should be avoided when a person has Fibromyalgia.

Unfortunately, Fibromyalgia is often misdiagnosed. Since there are no specific laboratory tests to diagnose it, fibromyalgia is a diagnosis of exclusion.

No one exactly know what causes Fibromyalgia. Research and studies on Fibromyalgia are in progress. Some experts believe it is linked to stress, trauma and illness.

There is no established prevention method.

Cure / Treatment
There is no established cure for Fibromyalgia. However, some methods can provide some relief to patients and ease the symptoms. The effect varies from person to person. Some relief methods include:

  • Avoiding stressful factors (staying away from people / situations that cause stress)
  • Avoiding activities that cause physical stress  
  • Consulting Rheumatologist / Neurologist
  • Massage therapy
  • Alternative therapies   
  • Managing diet